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Five new pieces have been added to my vintage postcard series. They each continue the spatial decisions and juxtapositions I have previously explored.

A friend gave me a postcard of a World War I soldier looking out over the trenches. The postcard, and the current political situation inspired me to make a statement. Based on images from singular watercolor postcards of that time, I created the battlefield scene, working with the space in a way I hadn't before. I have also been reading about Francisco Goya and looking at his Disasters of War. In homage to him, I call this piece Disasters of War: The War to End All Wars, the first of a series.

By the Sea is a combination of two postcards given to me by two different friends. Surprisingly, they are from the same series so I wanted to use them together. I researched bathing costumes from the 1920s, and found these great styles. To add a touch of quirkiness, I stitched tabs to the bathing suits turning them into paper doll clothes.

Look Skyward depicts an aspect of rural life. This postcard portrays a pastoral scene. My interpretation is what I observe daily. Hawks and rabbits are part of our eco-system and sometimes the reality of survival intrudes.

The idea for Contact comes from the strange lights radiating in the postcard. They represent lights in a tunnel. I could not help thinking of alien spaceships and sci fi movies.

I'd Like to Be Under the Sea developed from this elegant postcard of one of Poseidon's wives. Several years ago, I made a series of marine creatures. They still fascinate me. There was no question as to where I would go with this image. Back in the 1970s, I was a weaver, and wove the background panel with linen thread. I have been saving it to use for something special. This finally seemed to be the place.

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